OgeumHub Teenager Hackathon

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[Picture of kart at the competition; property of Hee Jun Kim]


The OgeumHub Teenager Hackathon was a contest that was held from September 30, 2021, to October 4, 2021. The goal of the contest was to make your own go-cart from scratch and race other competitors. There were 7 teams in total with 35 students.

It was a good experience for all the students as they were able to use their creativity to express their artistic skills and they were able to get to know how to create a functioning car. 

As this event was held for five days, the first two days were used to give online lectures about the fundamental way of how the go-cart operates. Then, from October 2nd, the main contest began.

Each team started to use wood for the frame of the car with their mentors who would help the teams when they were having technical issues. After creating the frame, the teams started attaching two batteries, brakes, and a tool to send the current in the opposite direction to make the car also go backward.

After the car was able to move and operated with no difficulties, each team started to design their car with their own taste. One group designed their car as a baby chicken, one group designed theirs as the main character in the movie Transformers “Optimus Prime”, one group designed their car as a racing car called Alfa Romeo, and one group got inspired by the current hit K-drama Squid Game and designed their car to have symbols of the show on their car. 

After the designs were done, on October 4th, the teams brought their cars to the Sonpa-gu training track for handicapped people for a race to determine whose car was the fastest. The car Alfa Romeo from Seoul Foreign School got first place and the car ‘To The Victory’ from Sonpa High school got second place. Also, there was a prize for having the best design which the Squid team won.

The cart was able to get the first place as the quality of the cart was high, the design was from a currently famous TV show on Netflix, and the members of the team had props and clothes that matched the concept which made everyone in the competition love the design which ended in getting the design prize.

To collect some opinions of other participants who were in the event, I interviewed a member of Alfa Romeo who won first place. 

Q. Why did you participate in this event?

A. I participated so I can gain more experience on how to build a car and get used to creating electrical circuits. Also, I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet with other people with similar interests and talk to them about engineering.

Q. What did you enjoy most?

A. I remember cutting big chunks of wood into smaller pieces so we could be able to get the necessary materials ready for the kart. Also, I remember when our kart came in first. I was surprised that ours came in first as there were better karts made compared to ours. I can still remember the atmosphere of the place.

Q. Would you want to participate again?

A. Yes, of course. This year I participated as a team member but next time I would like to participate as a team leader. I think it would be a good experience to gather up members with who I can work efficiently so our team would win the event again like how we did this year.


Hee Jun Kim
Grade 11

Seoul Foreign School


Hee Jun Kim

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