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<Kurnadza body parts video>Photo credit: Yuna Cho

Until now, the girls in Mozambique have been educated in very poor conditions. The girls shared a single textbook between the whole grade group, while I received textbooks for each subject every year. Moreover, they do not have a suitable place to get education, and therefore, they study in an old tent where tables and chairs are not even there.

As a result, the level of education for girls is especially very low and there are more and more girls giving up education. To help these students, our school decided to be connected with an organization named Kurandza. Kurandza, which means “to love”, is an organization that supports the education of young girls in Mozambique. And this became our club’s name.

We were divided into various groups, and I was a part of several groups. First project was the video production. Here, we created educational videos that were to be sent to the girls in Mozambique. Our main goal was to help their language development, so we filmed us teaching very basic English words, such as numbers, fruits, body parts and animals.

We spent a long time filming, editing and reviewing the videos. For more ideas, we went to elementary school and showed our videos and got feedback, which improved our videos. These videos were sent to the girls after another review by the organization, where we received lots of positive feedback.

Next project was the iPad project. This project aimed to improve the quality of education for the girls. After discussion about what would be the best way to support them with the educational supplements, we concluded that it would be more practical to send a few iPads than to purchase numerous copies of textbooks.

We sent emails to various businesses, school students, parents, and officials earnestly asking them to donate the iPad. The email included the purpose and how helpful it would be if they donate the iPads. After various attempts, we were able to receive a total of five iPads, which exceeded our goal of collecting three, so we were all happy. The iPads were all sent to Mozambique.

Each school year, the club organizes two major events for fundraising. The first event we did on June 12, 2021 was the bike ride event. First, we created the biking routes with the help of one of the club member’s fathers who was an expert in biking around the area near our school.

Thankfully, he supported us and made three routes for people with different biking levels. Then, we put lots of effort into gathering the participants. As we were short of time, we did everything we could for the marketing. We created posters and hung them all over the school.

We also visited each advisory from elementary to high school so that we could answer the questions more directly and appeal to them more personally. I also created a video which was sent out to the whole school through the student council and school television.

With these efforts, we were able to gather more than 15 teams with 3 to 7 members. We charged 300 CZK per person and we also asked for additional donations. At the end of the event, we were able to gather more than 1000 USD. This fuind was all sent to the girls in Mozambique through the Kurandza organization. 


<Family participated in Kurandza 2021 bike ride event>Photo credit: Yuna Cho


These were the projects that I was involved in the club Kurandza. Definitely, it took a lot of time and effort, but in the end, we always got the result that we wanted or even better ones. We were able to succeed in our goal of helping the girls in poor educational environments in various ways.  Me personally and we as a group were very satisfied with this fact.

As a leader of this club, my goal is to maintain club activities to support them even more and make the club as one of the main clubs that represents our school. We are currently planning on a talent show for this November.













Yuna Cho

Grade 12

International School of Prague




Yuna Cho

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